Grab Radio iPhone App Launches!

There’s no doubt that radio apps such as Pandora and LastFM are hot, but radio station aggregate apps have their place too, especially when you want to to tune into specific programming in particular parts of the world.  I’m happy to announce my partnership Global International Radio Technologies, where I’m doing iPhone development for a streaming radio application called Grab Radio.

The first edition of this app will focus on radio station programming in Ireland that supports digital streaming.  It will include features such as “Grabbing” where you could purchase a song you’re listening to on Grab Radio.   You could also “Tag” or bookmark a song for purchase at a later point.

I’m particularly excited about working on a MapKit implementation where you could select radio stations that appear on a map, in this case that of Ireland.  Eventually future editions could focus on other countries or geographical regions around the world.

Grab Radio can be downloaded here.