The iPhone Poem Flow App: Poetry in Motion


I’m pleased to announce the release of Poem Flow, an app I worked on in the Fall for TextTelevision.  Poem Flow is an iPhone poetry e-reader, but it’s no ordinary reader.  Lines of poetry are rendered as animations of movement and transitions.

The image to the left really doesn’t really capture the dynamic experience or reading the flow.  At first I was a little skeptical of the concept, but I soon found myself more immersed in what I was reading, and thus had a more meaningful experience.

I was responsible for architecting the flow rendering engine.  The dancing words and lines of each poem are meticulously choreographed beforehand with scripts, which in turn are translated into motion.  I expect this platform to continue to evolve, and as you know with my work with Iyeoka, poetry has a special place in my heart.

Official Release of Iyeoka’s “This Time Around” EP

Sound: With a sweet soul vibe reminiscent of Sade and a fresh mix of LIVE and electronic instrumentation from production duo David Franz and Francis Phan, the new sound of spoken-word soulstress, Iyeoka (pronounced “EE-yo-kah”) is emerging as a perfect balance of thought provoking lyrics, captivating vocals and gratifying music production.

The name of the new EP “This Time Around” is far from just a slogan or a silent vow. This Time Around is an anthem addressing the hopes and dreams of each of us, from the individual to the Nation, and the innate power we all have within us to change everything. As we navigate through one of the most transitional periods of our generation, Iyeoka’s music speaks of the journey that catapults us through the challenges and triumphs, chronicling the trajectory of our lives as an extraordinary people and the changes we’d like to make This Time Around.