The Yellow Brick Road Song is USA Network show Fairly Legal’s theme song!


The Yellow Brick Road Song, the first song on Iyeoka’s SAY YES album, is the official theme song for the USA network show Fairly Legal. You’ll hear it in the first episode (airing Thursday Jan 20, 2011) during the credits at the end, and then as the intro theme song for future episodes regularly airing at 10pm Thursdays on USA.

The show cleverly taps into some themes from the Wizard of Oz, both in the episodes and in the star of the show Sarah Shahi‘s real life. These themes are perfectly complemented by the lyrics in The Yellow Brick Road Song. The song was one of the first co-written with David Franz at Underground Sun studio and has also been featured in an episode of HBO’s How To Make It In America show.

Everyone in Iyeoka’s TriBe is extremely excited, including the Amenawon Foundation, Underground Sun, Phanai Media, and Mesia Consulting Group, along with the growing number of fans who recognize the positive energy behind the music. Its so amazing that USA network and all those associated with the show are supporting this energy too. Please support the show and tell your friends to download The Yellow Brick Road Song here for free!

Iyeoka’s Album “Say Yes” is released

I’m very proud to announce the release of Iyeoka’s album “Say Yes”. This is an album that Iyeoka, David, myself and our team have been working on relentlessly for the past 18 months. It’s been quite a journey and we’re looking forward to what’s next! Take a little time and sample some of our music at “Say Yes” is available for purchase at the website and on iTunes. We appreciate your support!

Official Release of Iyeoka’s “This Time Around” EP

Sound: With a sweet soul vibe reminiscent of Sade and a fresh mix of LIVE and electronic instrumentation from production duo David Franz and Francis Phan, the new sound of spoken-word soulstress, Iyeoka (pronounced “EE-yo-kah”) is emerging as a perfect balance of thought provoking lyrics, captivating vocals and gratifying music production.

The name of the new EP “This Time Around” is far from just a slogan or a silent vow. This Time Around is an anthem addressing the hopes and dreams of each of us, from the individual to the Nation, and the innate power we all have within us to change everything. As we navigate through one of the most transitional periods of our generation, Iyeoka’s music speaks of the journey that catapults us through the challenges and triumphs, chronicling the trajectory of our lives as an extraordinary people and the changes we’d like to make This Time Around.