WWDC09 Countdown

Francis Phan WWDC09

The time has come as developers from all corners of the globe are beginning to converge in San Francisco in advance of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference for 2009 from June 8-12.   For one week, the Moscone Center will be the mecca of all things Apple as it relates to developing software on Apple platforms, which of course includes iPhone Cocoa Touch Development.

I’ve had the benefit of being here for almost a week already, hanging with friends and family in the Bay Area, and following through on a few connections here.  There’s been a lot of hype leading up to the conference and I’m doing my darndest to not get too caught up with things, but already I’m reading tweets of attendees planning on getting in line at 4am for the 10am keynote, and Steve Jobs isn’t even going to be attendance!  Is it me or is this nuts?  Or am I running the risk of not being able to get into the standing room only hall if I don’t come early enough?

There’s plenty of technical issues I hope to get answers for in the next week as well as hopefully get insights on more abstract ones.  If you’re so inclined, you can catch me on twitter through out the week, as I’m sure there will be no shortage of play by play updates from WWDC land.