Boston MoMo Does It Up!

The Boston Fairmont CopleyAs a developer, I spend a lot of time scouring the net for resources on whatever I’m working on at the time. It’s really cool of course the community of developers and business folks that I come across, in a virtual sense. So I was excited when I learned about Mobile Monday Boston (MoMo), a mobile tech industry networking event where I can actually meet people people. (I need to get out more.)

So there was a MoMo Boston tonight at the Boston Fairmont – not too shabby! After first taking a stroll along Newbury Street on what was a gorgeous spring day, my disappointment of having to go back indoors turned into an “oh yeaah” moment when I realized the event had an open bar! During the mixer, I was amazed at the number of people I’ve come across from past jobs. I guess it’s a small world, but then again I’ve been in the Boston tech community for 15 years now. It was actually amusing to observe that people were either drinking, talking or twittering (though not necessarily in that order).

Things kicked off with a pep speech by Governor Deval Patrick. It was great to see Patrick acknowledge this community, but I’m certain he recognizes the potential tax revenue the mobile industry can bring to the Bay State. There were more than a handful of companies that gave presentations, two of which caught my attention. The first is eInk, who is responsible for the paper like display panels for Amazon’s Kindle. Started out of MIT, the technology utilizes electronic ink and paper like substances that mimic the visual characteristics of ink on paper. They even have flexible displays. eInk sees a future where half the world’s newsprint can be published through this medium. When you consider how much pulp is required for making newspapers, that seems pretty environmentally compelling. What I’m really waiting for now are flexible display t-shirts to impress my hipster friends.

I had known Viximo for doing virtual goods, like what you would find on Facebook. Who hasn’t gotten a virtual beer at one point? So when they gave a demo for VixML, it definitely raised some eye brows. VixML is their markup for developing graphical content for iPhone apps. It seems that they have a SDK that supports the rendering of 2D/3D sprites and a motion physics engine for animation. They are targetting graphic designers who are tired of having to deal with snotty programmers to make things happen. In all seriousness, I’m going to have to look into this. Well really the clincher was they had the coolest swag I’ve come across in a while: GelaSkins for the iPhone.

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