The cobbler’s children have no shoes

It is with this post that I would like to officially welcome you to Phanai Media Group and our brand spanking new website! It’s taken a little longer than I would have liked (thus the title to the post) but nevertheless I’ve finally put a stake in the ground! As you have probably noticed I’m using WordPress, which will be really fantastic for self organizing all the left brain / right brain activity going on here. As time goes by, so will the content on this site.

Phanai Media Group has evolved from a record label to a multimedia interactive agency. At first, this might seem a bit incongruous. The reality is that I have a passion for creating music and software. Why should I sacrifice one for another? You can find that there are parallels between these two worlds: creating something fresh, understanding what’s needed, problem solving, attention to aesthetics, making crazy deadlines and ensuring happy clients.

People often ask me exactly what a music producer does (and it’s not DJing, but I’ll leave that for another post!) Quite simply a producer takes an abstract concept (a song) and goes through a process to create a final recorded product that meets stylistic parameters, target specific demographics, delivered on time on budget and with a ribbon on top. Now certainly there are sundry details about being a producer I’ve left out (yet fodder for another post) but as you can see everything described earlier really is the essence of client services in the software world.

Well that’s all I have for now. Welcome again and hope you check in from time to time, or better yet subscribe to our RSS feed!

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